The Velvet Jeans Trend

04 Oct, 2012

j brand velvet The Velvet Jeans Trend

Since it’s now Fall/Autumn, velvet seems to be popping up all over the place! I actually think the fabric is very fitting for the season because it’s thick and warm, but at the same time it’s got a rich depth and sheen to it which really makes me think of the cooler weather and the Autumn hues. I actually think it might be a more popular choice than corduroy right now too!

My favourites at the moment would definitely have to be the jewel tones! The ruby reds, sapphire blues, emerald greens and amethyst purples are so intense and bright, I love them! Since I have a deep love affair with burgundy though, that’s definitely my weakness! It’s amazing! I was wearing the shade last year and still plan on wearing it for the rest of this year.

What I was interested in knowing though, is do you love the velvet jeans trend for Autumn? I don’t yet own a pair, but I plan to try them out soon! I featured two of my favourites above, the J Brand 811 which are available to purchase at their website here. But, vote in the poll below and let me know!

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