2 Ways to Wear the J Brand Tyler in Reckless


I chose the J Brand Tyler in Reckless (click here to buy) to style for this post. These jeans have a slim cut fit with some distressing at the knees of the jeans. The two looks that I leaned towards were for a younger guy that likes to have more fun with his clothing and one that is more mature and just enjoys his clothes, but is not looking to make as much of an intentional statement or be loud.

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I have always been fond of this Burberry sweater. When I chose these jeans, my first instinct was to pair them with this sweater. I thought the colors would compliment each other very well. To finish off the look, I chose a belt by DSquared2, James Perse t shirt, and some red sneakers by Lanvin. I wanted to bring out the reds a in the sweater bit more and I thought the shoes and belt will do just that. This is a look that I find really classic and any guy would be able to wear. Plus, it is a lot of color, more than what I usually do.

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This look is more for the mature man. Someone that appreciates clothes, but is more into the fit than wearing them to stand out. The jeans are paired with a Carven coat, Nudie t shirt, and Alexander McQueen shoes. I added the shoes to smarten up the look and take it out of the casual route that distressing can lean towards. The shoes also makes the look more mature compared to a sneaker that will not only make it more casual, but dresses it down. Which one do you prefer?

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