Alessandra Ambrosio in Rich & Skinny Skinny Tulip Hem in Dare


Alessandra Ambrosio Rich Skinny Skinny Tulip Hem Dare 1 e1356646424315 Alessandra Ambrosio in Rich & Skinny Skinny Tulip Hem in Dare

I have been trying to figure out these jeans on Alessandra Ambrosio for quite some time now. I can finally ID them and say that she is wearing a pair of Rich & Skinny Skinny Tulip Hem in Dare as she was caught arriving back into Los Angeles, California early in November.

I like this style quite a bit because this is basically how I wear my jeans, with a slit at the bottom. I also find the wash of the jeans to be quite cool. It is like an acid washed magenta that doesn’t look dated. Click here to purchase these jeans at Bloomingdale’s for $118.

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