Cheap Monday Glow In The Dark Limited Edition Collection


Cheap monday glow in the dark product tight glow jeans high res Cheap Monday Glow In The Dark Limited Edition Collection

Glow in the dark clothes have been popping up here and there over the years. I remember Diesel did a few pieces a couple of years ago and now Cheap Monday are next to present a new Glow in the Dark Collection to light up the dark season.

The collection has been released in several places throughout November and will continue into December, with some cool launch parties. The Cheap Monday Glow in the Dark collection has been created by the Cheap Monday Design Team to shut the Scandinavian winter darkness out. The limited edition products and collection launch parties have and will be lighting up the cities of London, Hong Kong, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Cheap Monday have done their pieces a little differently as The Glow in the Dark Collection consists of six pieces: jeans and t-shirt in unisex models, men’s and women’s shoes, tote bag and wallet which are made of glow in the dark-fabric, or have glowing prints or details. The products are available in a limited edition of between 80 – 150 pieces, of which 10 – 30 of each will be released at each city stop.

Glow in the Dark fabrics combine old school futuristic technology with a sense of naive and childish magic. The brand are thrilled to light up the winter darkness with their Glow in the Dark Collection and with the release parties. You can also buy some of the pieces online! What do you think of the styles? Will you be sporting the glow anytime soon?

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