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EARUGBY Image4.jpg EARUGBY Premium Denim

I was introduced to EARUGBY a little while ago, which is a high-end quality apparel company, that produces premium denim and a wide range of clothing for men and women. Their moto is that their clothing projects a bold and defiant stance for self expression and individuality, while their main focus is to produce authentic quality garments in excellent fits.

When I first heard about the brand, my first instinct was that they were jeans for a rugby players build, but the name has nothing to do with rugby at all. I have included some photos of the men’s and women’s styles in the gallery below for you to see, and you can find out more about the brand on their website by clicking here. Have any of you ever tried EARUGBY jeans?

Source Article from http://www.denimblog.com/2013/01/earugby-premium-denim/

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