Styling White Jeans For Winter


white jeans winter Styling White Jeans For Winter

I was asked by one of our lovely readers to do a post on styling white jeans for the winter. I find white skinny jeans to be really versatile for the colder months because the colour is a great base for neutral looks. If you pair white jeans with bright colours or florals, it usually screams spring/summer which isn’t what you want at this time of year, so pairing them with grey, camel, browns and black really makes a great winter look! I have created three outfits here, each in very different styles and colours.

The above outfit is using layers to keep you warm, but I kept them in the grey tones so there isn’t too much colour blocking going on. Layer the darker cardigan over the loose knitted light grey top, then throw on those boots and the bag to add a few shades of difference. I think this is easily wearable when out and about, and it’s toned down as well. I would say this is more of a dressier day time look. You could even add more t-shirts underneath and chuck on a scarf for extra warmth as well.

white jeans winter 2 Styling White Jeans For Winter

This look above is more of a classic or preppy look in my opinion. I think white skinny jeans also work really well with tan and shades of camel, as they are both very versatile colours. I chose the beige/camel coloured cape because it will keep you warm at the same time as adding some different volume and shape to the look, while the tan brogues and shopper bag keep it casual so it’s an easy look to wear during the day. The scarf just adds that little bit of extra warmth.

white jeans winter 3 Styling White Jeans For Winter

And finally the last look, I decided to go down the classic route of black and white! This is more of a tougher look with the black leather jacket and studded black biker boots, so it’s going to be really casual and easy to wear. I chose grey as the t-shirt and scarf colours because it’s the shade in between black and white and would fit really easily. The ring just adds that little edge as well being that it’s silver and a sharks tooth. Which look is your favourite? You can buy most of these pieces online at Shopbop and SSENSE.

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